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rs530 loopback test



Features / Benefits

* Interface - Supports sync/async RS-232, V.35, RS-530 and X.21

* Data Rates - Up to 2.048Mbps
* Provides a full external loopback at the terminal port of a DSU or modem
* Visual indication of circuit operation
* Line Powered
* Compact and Easy To Install
* Excellent tool for field technician or service organizations

The Data Test Set (DTS) provides a means for a technician at a remote site to implement a full external loopback at the terminal port of a DSU or modem and to obtain visual indication of the circuit operation. The DTS has two physical DB-25 male connectors which support EIA-530, RS-232 (sync and async), and a variant of the V.35 interface standards. The DTS may be attached directly to the female DB-25 connector on a DSU or modem, or attached at the end of a cable. Only one connector on the DTS may be used at one time. The DTS is not intended to be used with DTE’s such as terminals or PCs

Four light-emitting diode (LED) indicators provide a means for the technician to view the status of data, clock, and certain control signals from the DSU or modem. Indicators for clock and data provide status on the activity of the corresponding signal, while those four control signals provide status on the signal level. All power to the DTS is supplied via the DSU or modem from the interface signal drivers.

The DTD performs a loopback between the following 4 DCE circuits on both connectors:

DCE Output Circuit DCE Input Circuit
Receive Data (RxD) Transmit Data (TxD)
DCE Transmit Clock External (DTE) Transmit
Data Set Ready (DSR) Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
Data Carrier Detect Request to Send (RTS)

The four indicators on the DTS monitor the operation of the corresponding circuits from the DCE. In general, for synchronous DCE all indicators ON are indicative of a normally operating loopback circuit. For asynchronous modems, the status of the CLOCK indicator should be ignored.

The DTS has a three year warranty and is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure.

rs530 looback test application diagram


Application Implement a full external loopback at the terminal port of a DSU or modem and to obtain visual indication of the circuit operation
Data Format Data transparent at all data rates

One sync or async DCE(modem) at a time

Data Rates RS-232 up to 128Kbps
RS-530, V.35 and X.21 up to 2.048Mbps
Switches None
Physical Interface RS-232: Male DB-25
V.35, RS-530 and X.21: Male DB-25
Power Source Line Powered from existing equipment - Draws 8ma - No AC power required
INCLUDED WITH EACH UNIT: 1) Installation Guide
Indicators DCD/RLSD, DSR, Data and Clock
Weight 1/2 pound (0.228Kg)
Warranty Three Years, Return To Factory
Ordering Information Part Number: 128000
Model: DTS
Description: Data Test Set