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Wan Raptor Network Emulator
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RDS-PLUS, Data Link Simulator

RDS-Plus, Data Link Simulator
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Network Impairment testing
Latency, Loss, Jitter & Re-Ordering

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Products for Global Networks
Manufacturing Network latency Emulators, IP Traffic
Generators and Data Communication Equipment since 1994.

About East Coast Datacom, Inc

East Coast Datacom, Inc. is a customer oriented, high technology enterprise which was formed in 1994 to design, manufacture and support Wide Area Network Equipment. We manufacture the broadest line of Network Emulators in the network test equipment market supporting over 18 different interfaces for Serial, Telco and Ethernet.

For Ethernet, the WanRaptorâ„¢ Network Emulator allows users to test and stage critical network equipment adding network latency, loss, Jitter and re-ordering impairments. For Serial data and Telco the RDS-PLUS delay simulator is a modular, network link error and delay emulator that provides a realistic simulation of physical network behavior with respect to time delays and bit errors.

We also manufacture an extensive line of legacy network equipment critical to the military, government and Fortune 500 companies. These include data broadcast splitters, digital sharing devices, interface converters and many other network adapters. Our highly respected Sync2IP Converter is a unique solution for Sync data to IP conversion as we support any sync data protocol.

We hope you enjoy our collection of products we present on our web site. Keep in mind we can modify or design a new solution for your unique application.

Our Featured Products

Select a category you are interested in and explore what we have to offer you. We manufacture a full line of data communication equipment and network latency simulators.

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Data Broadcast Units

Simplex Data Broadcast for RS-232 or V.11
Data Broadcast Units

East Coast Datacom (ECD), Inc., a Florida-based data communications accessory specialist, announces three new products for first quarter 1998 production. Plus, new higher data rates and ESD protection for our RS-232 modem sharing devices.

The four new products are as follows:

1) Model: V35-V36, The V35-V36 is an interface converter and is designed to convert any V.35 modem (or DCE interface) to a V.36 terminal (or any DTE interface). The specification for V.36 covers RS-422, RS-449 interfaces and typically utilizes a DB-37 connector. An optional adapter cable allows the V35-V36 to convert from V.35 to RS-530. Production units are available for immediate delivery.

2) Model: V35/X21 BBOX, This product is a combination V.35 or X.21 breakout box. When using a breakout box, the interpretation of the LED's can at times be misleading. The V35/X21 BBOX contains circuitry to help alleviate this problem. A pulse streaching technique is used to keep the LED illuminated long enough to be interpreted. The V35/X21 BBOX is 115/230VAC selectable. Production units will be available in January 1999.

3) Model: ALD-19.2, This product is a low cost 4-wire asynchronous line driver for 9.6k, 19.2k and optional 38.4Kbps point to point operation. Control signals for RTS and DSR are passed as in-band flow control. This flow control is full duplex and control signals are transferred simultaneously in both directions. Targeted for the retail industry with remote serial printing needs, the ADL-19.2 is also an excellent choice for remote async terminals connected to a statistical multiplexer. Production units will be available in January 1999.

4) ESD protection and higher speed. Our industry standard RS-232 modem sharing devices (MSD-4 and MSD-8) now have +/- 15kV ESD protection to handle harsh operating environments. Each transmitter and receiver on the MSD is protected against +/- 15kV ESD discharge shocks. Additionally, data rates of up to 128kbps sync or async are now possible.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Richard Barger  
East Coast Datacom, Inc.
245 Gus Hipp Blvd., STE 3,
FL 32955 Tel: (321) 637-9922