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Wan Raptor Network Emulator
RDS-Plus, Data Link Simulator
PDS-1/10G Portable Delay Simulator

Network Emulator Testing
10 / 100 / 1000, 10G, 25G & 40G

RDS-PLUS, Data Link Simulator

RDS-Plus, Data Link Simulator
Latency Emulator & BERT
Testing for Serial Data and Telcon Interfaces


Network Impairment testing
Latency, Loss, Jitter & Re-Ordering

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Products for Global Networks
Manufacturing Network latency Emulators, IP Traffic
Generators and Data Communication Equipment since 1994.

About East Coast Datacom, Inc

East Coast Datacom, Inc. is a customer oriented, high technology enterprise which was formed in 1994 to design, manufacture and support Wide Area Network Equipment. We manufacture the broadest line of Network Emulators in the network test equipment market supporting over 18 different interfaces for Serial, Telco and Ethernet.

For Ethernet, the WanRaptor™ Network Emulator allows users to test and stage critical network equipment adding network latency, loss, Jitter and re-ordering impairments. For Serial data and Telco the RDS-PLUS delay simulator is a modular, network link error and delay emulator that provides a realistic simulation of physical network behavior with respect to time delays and bit errors.

We also manufacture an extensive line of legacy network equipment critical to the military, government and Fortune 500 companies. These include data broadcast splitters, digital sharing devices, interface converters and many other network adapters. Our highly respected Sync2IP Converter is a unique solution for Sync data to IP conversion as we support any sync data protocol.

We hope you enjoy our collection of products we present on our web site. Keep in mind we can modify or design a new solution for your unique application.

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RDS Plus


High Quality Link Emulator, Ideal for Krypto Link Emulation

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Features / Benefits

*Network Delay Emulator for serial data delay emulation & TELCO Latency Emulation
* Bi-directional independent delay buffers per channel, Full Duplex

* Supports Split Speed and Delay
* Interfaces supported DS3, E3, STS-1, DS1/E1, TTL, HSSI, RS- 232, RS-422/449, RS-530, V.35, and X.21
* Data Rates: 1.2K to 51.84Mbps

* Network Simulation Delays of 5mS up to 4 Seconds in 1mS increments, each data path

* Random Error insertion from 1x10-1 to 1x10-12 BER

* Burst Error insertion
* BERT 511 generator and tester

* Timing Internal or from either port interface. Accepts external clock for synchronization of internal timing
* Managed via serial port or web enabled GUI interface

* Status LED's for each port allows ease of connection and trouble shooting

* Internal 90-240 VAC auto sensing power supply

* Sturdy 1U Metal Enclosure, Desk Top or Rack Mount


The Router Delay Simulator Plus or RDS+ Network Emulator allows users to test/stage critical DCE or DTE equipment for reliable network operation while simulating network delay times. The RDS+ provides a realistic simulation of physical network behavior with respect to time delays and bit errors. It supports user circuit rates up to OC-1 (51.84 Mbps) while providing delays from zero to a maximum of 8 seconds round trip. Both continuous random and burst errors are supported. The RDS+ is an ideal satsim satellite simulator.

By using the RDS+ in place of or in series with a real data link (WAN) a wide variety of error conditions can be introduced under controlled and testable conditions.

The RDS+ has two data port interfaces that support EIA-644(LVDS), RS-232, RS-422/449, RS-530, V.35, X.21, DS1/E1, TTL, HSSI, DS3, E3, or STS-1. The data interfaces can be mix and matched where applicable, such as V.35-to-RS-530 connection.

Data Clocking can be driven from various sources. It can be provided via the TX and/or RX clocks of the various data port interfaces. Clocking can also be provided from a programmable clock generator internal to the RDS+. An independent external timing source can be used to frequency-lock the internal timing generator via an external timing port on the back of the RDS+.

Data/Control-Lead Delay is programmable in either seconds or number of data bits. Delay may be specified independently to any value on each of the two bi-directional data paths. An option exists to include a control lead on some interfaces with the data delay.

The RDS+ can introduce Random and/or Burst errors into the data stream. These two error types can be used independently or in a combined fashion. The Random error rate is entered as a range of 1x10-1 to 1x10-12 errors per bit. Burst errors are entered as duration and interval. The error burst duration is from 1ms to 4 seconds and the interval between bursts is from 1ms to 16seconds. The type of error introduced can be the compliment of the data bit, a forced 0, or a forced 1.

The RDS+ contains one BERT generator and one BERT tester. The generator and tester can be independently attached to either data port. When activated the BERT generator replaces the assigned data port data with a standard x9+x5+1 polynomial function to generate a pattern of 511 bits in length. When activated the BERT tester can monitor the data port in either a continuous or a windowed mode. The continuous mode is manually re-triggerable. The windowed mode can be set for a monitor window from 1 to 256ms.

The RDS+ supports digital loopback of either data port. Loopback, Data Delay, Error Simulation, and BERT can all be used simultaneously on a given port. Installation and operation is provided via an operator console port. This port is a RS-232 port that has been tailored for use with HyperTerminal that comes standard with most PCs. RDS+ status and configuration is displayed in real time via this interface. An optional 10Base-T web enabled GUI interface is available for the RDS+.

The RDS+ has a Power LED, one System Status LED and a set of status LED’s for each Port interface, which allow the user to visually confirm the presence of data and clock, and certain control or status signals. The RDS+ is designed with state of the art digital CMOS technology.

The RDS+ is housed in a sturdy 1U high metal enclosure which can be rack mounted. It is powered by an integrated 90-240V 50/60Hz power supply. The RDS+ has a one year warranty and a 24 hour turnaround on warranty repairs.

WAN Delay Emulator network diagram


Application WAN Delay Emulator for interconnection of two devices, (e.g. terminal, modem, or other network or CPE with standard serial digital interfaces) located within proximity of each other while simulating clock generation, network delays, random and burst errors, and BERT capability
Simulation Delay Times 5 milliseconds(mS) to over 4000 mS, in 1 mS increments, or from 4 bits to over 65,000 bits in 1 bit increments. 4 seconds each data path, 8 seconds round trip delays.

Two (2) data port interfaces

Data Rates From 1.2K to 51.84Mbps 
Data Port Interfaces Available in EIA-644(LVDS), RS-232, RS-422/449, RS-530, V.35, X.21, TTL, HSSI, DS1/E1, DS3, E3, STS-1
Clock Sources

Internal, Stratum 4 or Locked to External, Data Port RX/TX supplied

Data Format

Synchronous or Asynchronous

Delay Units Specified in milliseconds or in bits
Random Error Rates From 1x10-1 to 1x10-12
Burst Errors

Burst duration from 1mS to 4 Seconds
Off-interval from 1mS to 16 Seconds

Test Modes Loopback, 511 BERT
Operator Console RS-232 Async, 38.4kbs, (HyperTerminal recommended)
*Optional web enabled GUI interface
Indicators Power TXD, RXD, TXC, RXC, RTS, CTS, DSR/DTR, DCD for each user port
Power Source

90-240VAC @10%, 50/60Hz, IEC Power Inlet, (2) 5mm Fuses

Environmental Operating Temperature....32º to 122º F (0º to 50º C)
Relative Humidity.............5 to 95% Non-Condensing
Altitude............................0 to 10,000 feet
Dimensions Height: 1.75 inches (4.44 cm),
Width: 17 inches (43.18 cm),
Length: 9 inches (22.86 cm)
Weight 4.5 pounds (2.1 Kg)
Warranty One Year, Return to Factory
Regulatory Approvals UL 60950-1:2003, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950- 1:2003, FCC Part 15, EN55022:2006, ICES-003, Class A
Ordering Information Part #: 175000
Model: RDS-PLUS, Base Unit
Description: Router Delay Simulator - Plus Part #: 175030
Description: Web enabled GUI interface

Interfaces Available:

129014, RS-232 DCE I/M, RS-232, DB-25 Female, DCE Interface Module(connects to DTE)

129032, RS-232 DTE I/M, RS-232, DB25 Male, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE)

129010, V.35 DCE I/M, V.35, MR-34 Pin Female, DCE Interface Module(connects to DTE)

151038, V.35 DTE I/M, V.35, DB-25 Male, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE) (Requires adapter Cable PT# 712005)

129028, V.35 DTE I/M, V.35, MR-34Pin Male, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE)

129011, RS-530 DCE I/M, RS-530, DB-25 Female, DCE Interface Module(connects to DTE)

129029, RS-530 DTE I/M, RS-530, DB-25 Male, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE)

129012, RS-422 DCE I/M, RS-422/449, DB37 Female, DCE Interface Module(connects to DTE)

129030, RS-422 DTE I/M, RS-422/449, DB-37 Male, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE)

129013, X.21 DCE I/M, X.21, DB-15 Female, DCE Interface Module(connects to DTE)

129031, X.21 DTE I/M, X.21, DB-15 Male, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE)

129085, T-1 I/M, T-1 Interface Module, 1.544 Mbps, RJ-48 & DB-15 Female

175097, E-1 I/M, E-1 Interface Module, 2.048 Mbps, 75 ohm BNC

151028, HSSI DCE I/M, HSSI, SCSI-I 50 Pin Female, DCE Interface Module(connects to DTE)

151043, HSSI DTE I/M, HSSI, SCSI-I 50 Pin Female, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE)

175020, DS3 I/M, DS3 Interface Module, 44.736 Mbps, 75 ohm BNC

175021, E3 I/M, E3 Interface Module, 34.368 Mbps, 75 ohm BNC

175022, STS-1 I/M, STS-1 Interface Module, 51.840 Mbps, 75 ohm BNC

175040, EIA-644 LVDS DCE I/M, EIA-644 LVDS, DB-25 Female, DCE Interface Module(connects to DTE)

175045, EIA-644 LVDS DTE I/M, EIA-644 LVDS, DB25 Male, DTE Interface Module(connects to DCE)