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East Coast Datacom (ECD), Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of Network Delay Simulators announces the BGP-EDS, Border Gateway Protocol or BGP Ethernet Delay Simulator.

Large corporate and government enterprise networks are increasing their use of BGP to interconnect different administrative and country specific regions. This geographic span adds further to the complexity of a BGP network when calculating and planning for network latency. Network design engineers need a reliable and cost effective means to test the routers’ ability to handle BGP transactions accurately while simulating network latency with their applications.

BGP-EDS Main Features:

  • Adjust bandwidth, network delay, reordering, packet loss and duplication
  • Shows list of applied profiles with source IP and destination IP
  • Integrated with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Router
  • Perform Routing Decision Dynamically based on number of networks available at that instant
  • Assign router ID for a BGP router
  • Adding and deleting Neighbors, Networks to and from the System
  • Forwarding Packets based on routes created dynamically
  • Show List of neighbors added to a BGP router and also shows BGP routing table
  • View Routes Advertised to/by Neighbors
  • Assign Preference(Weight) to a particular path from list of available Multiple paths

The BGP-EDS is managed by an integrated Graphical User Interface(GUI). The entire system is an embedded application with no user software to load. The BGP-EDS is immediately available. The BGP-EDS is supplied in 2U high 19inch wide rack mount or tabletop chassis. The unit operates on 90-240VAC power and has a 3-year warranty including support and free software upgrades.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Richard Barger  
East Coast Datacom, Inc.
245 Gus Hipp Blvd., STE 3,
FL 32955 Tel: (321) 637-9922