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12 December, 2022: East Coast Datacom (ECD), Inc., a Florida-based data communications accessory specialist, announces a new software upgrade for the Sync2IP adapter. The Sync2IP product transports SYNC serial communications over a TCP/IP network. It converts a full duplex Sync serial data stream to a UDP packet stream. The serial stream consists of transmit and receive data with control signals.

The Sync2IP software upgrade allows custom naming conventions for the box host IP address as well as serial Port 1 and Port 2, such as remote connected locations. The upgrade allows customers with multiple Sync2Ip boxes to easily recognize the Sync2Ip box locations when managing boxes in their network.

Creating STEP files is not an easy task, but once the building blocks are created, companies can then create useful STEP files for their users.


For further information please contact:
Mr. Richard Barger  
East Coast Datacom, Inc.
245 Gus Hipp Blvd., STE 3,
FL 32955 Tel: (321) 637-9922