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East Coast Datacom, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of Network Latency Emulators will be introducing support for 25GbE network latency emulation testing. With the increasing demand for bandwidth in the data center and cloud computing, 10/25/50/100GbE networking is proving to be the cost effective transition. The biggest improvement in cost vs performance is with 10GbE to 25GbE. The move from 10GbE to 25Gbe has several important benefits. These include the 2.5 times higher data rates with existing server hardware utilizing the same PCIe buss width, lower CPU and power coupled with lower heat in the data center. Now add the lower cable transition of 10GbE to 25Gbe and it is easy to see the real reason why moving to 40GbE is cost prohibitive in most applications. We can all thank the 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium for moving fast to implement this important specification.

The EDS-25G will support 2-8 Ports of 10Gbe or 25Gbe per chassis providing users with a very cost effective solution for testing 10G Network Latency or 25G Network Latency.

The EDS-25G ships standard with a web GUI interface, Command Line Interface and the new Script Interface for automated testing environments supporting network impairment testing. The EDS-25G has a 3-year warranty covering software upgrades, factory support and all hardware.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Richard Barger  
East Coast Datacom, Inc.
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FL 32955 Tel: (321) 637-9922