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East Coast Datacom (ECD), Inc., a Florida-based data communications accessory specialist, announces a new Interface Converter product line that supports multiple serial interfaces. The UDC-IC allows the user to purchase a single product to convert interfaces between any combination of RS-232, RS422/449, RS-530, V.35, X.21, HSSI, RS-485 TTL and Current Loop. The unit supports data rates up to 10Mbps.

The UDC-IC has two TTL level interfaces for connecting each data interface. The unit is shipped with any two user specified data interfaces included in the price. Additionally data interfaces are sold separately.

The UDC-IC utilizes state of the art digital CMOS technology to provide a feature filled product at a very affordable price. Our Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design has allowed us to offer this product with a wide selection of data interfaces.

The UDC-IC is supplied in a sturdy metal enclosure and has a 110/220VAC selectable AC power input. The warranty is three years and the list price is $595.00. The price includes any two serial data. The UDC-IC product line will be available in January of 2010

For further information please contact:
Mr. Richard Barger  
East Coast Datacom, Inc.
245 Gus Hipp Blvd., STE 3,
FL 32955 Tel: (321) 637-9922