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Wan Raptor Network Emulator
RDS-Plus, Data Link Simulator
PDS-1/10G Portable Delay Simulator

Network Emulator Testing
10 / 100 / 1000, 10G, 25G & 40G

RDS-PLUS, Data Link Simulator

RDS-Plus, Data Link Simulator
Latency Emulator & BERT
Testing for Serial Data and Telcon Interfaces


Network Impairment testing
Latency, Loss, Jitter & Re-Ordering

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Products for Global Networks
Manufacturing Network latency Emulators, IP Traffic
Generators and Data Communication Equipment since 1994.

About East Coast Datacom, Inc

East Coast Datacom, Inc. is a customer oriented, high technology enterprise which was formed in 1994 to design, manufacture and support Wide Area Network Equipment. We manufacture the broadest line of Network Emulators in the network test equipment market supporting over 18 different interfaces for Serial, Telco and Ethernet.

For Ethernet, the WanRaptor™ Network Emulator allows users to test and stage critical network equipment adding network latency, loss, Jitter and re-ordering impairments. For Serial data and Telco the RDS-PLUS delay simulator is a modular, network link error and delay emulator that provides a realistic simulation of physical network behavior with respect to time delays and bit errors.

We also manufacture an extensive line of legacy network equipment critical to the military, government and Fortune 500 companies. These include data broadcast splitters, digital sharing devices, interface converters and many other network adapters. Our highly respected Sync2IP Converter is a unique solution for Sync data to IP conversion as we support any sync data protocol.

We hope you enjoy our collection of products we present on our web site. Keep in mind we can modify or design a new solution for your unique application.

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Select a category you are interested in and explore what we have to offer you. We manufacture a full line of data communication equipment and network latency simulators.

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Network Latency Simulators

Serial Network Adapters

Converts Sync Serial Data to IP Transport
Serial Network Adapters

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PDS-1G or PDS-10G Portable Delay Simulator

Line Rate Performance !!

 Now Supports 10/100/1000 or 10GbE

New Optional Network Traffic Generator, PKT-GEN

Based on our WanRaptor® Network Emulator Technology

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Features / Benefits


An embedded box appliance that will mimic the behavior of a WAN/LAN network, inserted between LAN segments supporting Bridge or Routing functions with network impairments such as bandwidth, delay, loss, re-ordering and random duplication.

Configuration Management Ports – GUI Access
Two Independent fixed 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports

 Bridge or Routing Support
All emulations support Bridge or Subnet Routing

 Emulation Interfaces
10/100/1000 Copper or Fiber
10G with Optional SFP+ Inserts

 Emulation Bandwidth Link Rates
100bps - 10GbE bi-directional or split speeds, Kbps, Mbps or Gbps

 Emulated Latency Settings
Constant: 0 to 10 Seconds, Decimal Format Supported Also Supports Uniform, Exponential & Inter-Packet

 Emulation Impairments
Packet Loss: Percentage or BER, Burst, Periodic, Gilbert-Elliot
Packet Re-Ordering: 0 to 100%, Decimal Inputs
Random Packet Duplication: per-packet
duplication probability

Bandwidth Restriction
 VLAN Emulation Support Create up to ten C-VLAN emulations within a single LAN, each with its own impairments

 Link Throughput
Line Rate for 10/100/1000 Line rate for 10G, frames to 512 bytes 10G frames for 64/128 at 6.5G & 8.5G ** Under Full Load

 Emulation Statistics
Each link is capable of real-time statistics via GUI

 Password Protection
Implemented via the user LAN Management Port

Power Source
AC Mains: 90-240VAC @ 10%, 50/60Hz, Auto Range

Operating Temperature....32º to 104º F (0º to 40º C) 
Relative Humidity.............5 to 85%
Non-Condensing Altitude............................0 to 10,000 feet

 Dimensions: H x W x D
1.70(43mm) x 10.00(254mm) x 8.90(226mm)

6 Pounds, 2.721Kg

Five Years hardware, includes software support and software feature upgrades/improvements

 Software Upgrades
Administered via the LAN User Management Ports

 Web Browser Security & Compatibility
Supports Google Chrome and FireFox

 Regulatory Approvals

The PDS-1/10G is capable of any port LAN to LAN emulation or create up to ten VLAN emulations within a single LAN, each with its own impairments.

The PDS-1/10G portable latency emulator allows users to easily use 1G or 10G network interfaces due to its unique design. The units has no user restrictions for bandwidth, is backed with a 3-year warranty and free software maintenance upgrades.

The PDS-1/10G is a must have test tool for product development / demonstrations, network validation, VoIP, benchmark testing, video / IPTV simulation and website performance.

The PDS-1/10G hardware based architecture is a powerful Intel® Processor, coupled with custom software presenting an easy to use GUI interface. The PDS-1/10G operates from a web browser and the user has no cumbersome software or confusing licenses to deal with for secure operation.

The PDS-1/10G can act as a bridge or a router in the users network. The user configures the unit via the GUI interface using a standard web browser. The GUI is fast and simple to use. All commands and settings are displayed prominently. Simply set the band width, delay and any traffic congestion if required. The user is presented with the results in real time and in a graph. Addiional impairments are Packet Re-Ordering, Random Packet Duplication and packet loss bassed on industry standard loss models.

By using the PDS-1/10G in place of or in series with a real data link (WAN) a wide variety of error conditions can be introduced under controlled and testable conditions. The unit is an excellent choice for validating and evaluating new products and technologies.

The PDS-1/10G is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure. It is powered by a 90-240V 50/60Hz power supply. The PDS-1G has a three year warranty and a 24 hour turnaround on warranty repairs. pds 10g photo



Network Emulator for interconnection of two 10/100/1000 or 10GbE Ethernet devices simulating bandwidth, latency, packet loss, random re-ordering to create congestion on two independent LAN channels

Password Protection Administered by admin for GUI Login
Configuration Ports

 Two Ports, 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports

Data Interface on Delay Ports 10/100/1000 Copper / Fiber or 10GbE with SFP+
Data Rates

10/100/1000 or 10GbE

Link Rates

100bps - 1000Mbps in 1bps increments, bi-directional or split speed, bps, Kbps, Mbps or Gbps

Link Throughput

Line Rate for 10/100/1000
Line rate for 10G, frames to 512 bytes
10G frames for 64/128 at 6.5G & 8.5G ** Under Full Load

Latency Types Constant, Uniform, Exponential, Inter Packet Gap
Emulation Settings Each link is capable of multiple independent delay settings via the software scheduler 
Emulation Statistics

Real Time Statistic Screen with counter Reset

VLAN Emulation Support Create up to ten C-VLAN emulations within a single LAN, each with its own impairments
Packet Loss

- burst packet loss, with a configurable per-packet probability for the
start of the burst and a configurable random burst length
- periodic packet loss, with a configurable period (measured in packets)
and number of consecutive packets dropped for each period
- Gilbert-Elliot, with configurable loss probability for good and bad
states and configurable per-packet probability of transition from
one state to the other

Packet Re-Ordering & Random Packet Duplication

Packet Re-Ordering: Settings for Delay & Probability

Random Duplication: Randomly duplicate incoming packets, with a configurable per-packet
duplication probability 

Changes On-The-Fly

Interactive changes without Stopping the Emulation

Front Panel Indicators LAN Ports, Activity, Hard Drive, Power
Surge Protection Main power supply
Power Source AC/DC External Supply Mains: 90-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, Auto Range, 12VDC Input, Power Draw 80-85 Watts
MTBF 90,000 Hours
Warranty Three Years hardware, includes software support and software feature upgrades/improvements
Dimensions Height ....... 1.7 inches (43 mm)
Width ........ 10 inches (254mm)
Depth ....... 8.9 inches (226 mm)
Software Upgrades

Administered via the LAN user management Port

Regulatory Approvals


Web Browser Compatibility Supports Google Chrome and FireFox - HTTP OR HTTPS
Ordering Information

Part Number: 234000
Model: PDS-1/10
Description: PDS-1/10G Portable Delay Simulator, Base Unit

Part Number: 226000
Model: 4-Port 10/100/1000 Copper NIC Card

Part Number: 226009
Model: 2-Port 10/100/1000 with SFP+ NIC Card

Part Number: 226007
Model: 2-Port 10G with SFP+ NIC Card

Part Number: 226004
Model: SFP+ Optical Insert, SR, 10GbE Short Range 850 Multimode Fiber, LC Connector

Part Number: 234006
Model: Kit, 1U Rackmount W/Power Supply Shelf

Included with each unit: 1) Operations Manual
2) U.S.A. Grounded Power Cord, Part # 713015
3) 12V External Power Supply

Optional Power Cords
A) United Kingdom, Part # 713016
B) Continental Europe, Part # 713017
C) Other: Specify Country on Purchase Order
Other East Coast Datacom Products Other East Coast Datacom Products RDS-PLUS, Serial Network Latency Simulator 

GUI User Interface

Network Emulator Profile Screen

Network Emulator Log Screen

System Settings Screen

System Performance Screen


System Performance Screen

System Performance Screen

Test Results

System Performance Screen

System Performance Screen