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Low Data Rates 50bps to 9.6K


Features / Benefits

  • Interface - RS-232, RS-422/449, RS-530, V.35, X.21, HSSI
  • Data Rates - 50bps to 9.6Kbps - 16 Selectable Rates
  • Serial Data Interface cards are Interchangeable and may be mixed such as RS-232 to V.35
  • Options for Inverted Data or Clock
  • Controls for RTS/CTS delay, DSR, DTR on a per port basis
  • Timing - Internal
  • Status LED's for each Serial Port and Signal
  • 110/220VAC switch selectable or DC Power for -48VDC
  • UL, CSA and CE Approved, RoHS
  • Sturdy Metal Aluminum Enclosure


The UDC-ME allows two DTE devices (such as routers) to communicate within proximity of each other. The UDC-ME transmits data bi-directionally at clock rates of 50bps up to 9.6Kbps between DTE devices. All clocking and signal crossover are provided within the UDC-ME. The unit is equipped with two interface slots that allow a host of serial interface cards to be utilized. The serial interface cards available are RS-232, RS-422/449, RS-530, X.21, V.35 and HSSI. The Serial Interface cards are interchangeable and may be mixed such as RS-232 to V.35 thus eliminating the need for an interface converter or changing expensive serial cards on a DTE device such as a router.

The UDC-ME is also an excellent choice for testing router-to-router connections via the serial ports. The unit is an excellent choice for interconnecting your LAN or legacy mainframe equipment.

Installation is fast and simple by setting the internal switches for Clocking, Carrier Operation and RTS to CTS delay. The UDC-ME has status LED's for each attached DTE device which allows the user to visually confirm the presence of clock and control signals. Also included are options for data or clock inversion.

The UDC-ME utilizes state of the art digital CMOS technology to provide a feature filled product at a very affordable price. Our Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design has allowed us to offer this product with a wide selection of clock rates. This design approach has also reduced the amount of clock jitter for high speed transmissions.

The UDC-ME is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure and operates on 110/220VAC or optional -48V DC power. Typical MTBF figures are in excess of 150,000 hours of operation.

The UDC-ME has a three year warranty and a 24 hour turnaround on warranty repairs.



Application Interconnection of two DTE's (such as Routers) located within proximity of each other
Capacity Two (2) DTE's
Interface RS-232, RS-422/449, RS-530, X.21, V.35 and HSSI
Data Format Data Transparent at all Data Rates
Inversion Option Data Inversion or Clock Inversion
Selectable Clock Rates 50bps, 75bps, 100bps, 125bps, 150bps, 300bps, 450bps, 600bps, 900bps, 1.2K, 1.5K, 1.8K, 2.4K, 4.8K, 7.2K, 9.6K
Surge Protection Main power supply
Power Source AC Mains: 100-120 to 200-220VAC @10%, 50/60Hz, 0.16/0.08A, external 110/220 volt select switch, IEC
Power Inlet, (2) 5mm Fuses
DC Mains: DC Voltage, Input Range of -36 to -72vdc
Current Draw at 48vdc: 75ma @ 3.6watts
Environmental Operating Temperature....32º to 122º F (0º to 50º C)
Relative Humidity.............5 to 95%
Altitude............................0 to 10,000 feet
Dimensions Height ....... 1.75 inches (4.44 cm)
Width ........ 9.00 inches (20.86 cm)
Length ...... 9.00 inches (20.86 cm)
Weight 2 pounds (0.914Kg
Warranty Three Years, Return To Factory
Ordering Information
PT # 200002 – (Small Chassis) Model: UDC-ME Base Standalone Unit
Description: UDC Modem Eliminator, Standalone, Rates 50bps to 9.6
PT # 275000 – (1U Rackmount) Model: Model: UDC-ME 1U Rackmount Unit
Description: UDC Modem Eliminator, 1U Rackmount, Rates 50bps to 9.6K

Serial Interface Cards, Two Cards Required Per UDC-ME, pick any two cards, may be the same card twice or any combination.

129014 RS-232 DCE I/M, DB-25 Female
129010 V.35 DCE I/M, MR-34 Female
129011 RS-530 DCE I/M, DB-25 Female
129012 RS-422/449 DCE I/M, DB-37 Female
129013 X.21 DCE I/M, DB-15 Female
151028 HSSI DCE I/M, 50 Pin Female
Regulatory Approvals Tested According to UL 60950-1, 2nd Ed 2007; CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-1-07; EN 60950-1:2006; EN 55022:2006; FCC Pt 15/ICES-003 Class A
Included with each unit: 1) Operations Manual
2) U.S.A. Grounded Power Cord, Part # 713015
3) Optional Power Cords
A) United Kingdom, Part # 713016
B) Continental Europe, Part # 713017
C) Other: Specify Country on Purchase Order